Galaxy 3.0 White


Our newest Galaxy GI was designed to bring your BJJ to a whole new level. 

We matched a sturdy but light 425 GSM jacket that will give you full range of motion, while preventing easy grips from the opponent, with 10oz Ripstop Pants for that light touch necessary to beat the IBJJF scales. Small High Res embroideries on arms, pants and back  A fully sublimated shoulder panel shows that armbars are possible even in zero gravity. 

Gi comes with a fun fully sublimated and practical GI bag, and meets all IBJJF standards for competition. 

Fits like a modern tapered Gi, although pre-shrunk please allow for 5% of shrinkage.

We recommend the following sizes based on your height/weight

A0 - Best for athletes under 5'5", and under 130lbs
A1 - Best for  athletes 5'5"-5'9" in height, and between 125lbs to 160lbs in weight
A1H - Best for athletes 5'5" to 5'9" but over 160lbs in weight
A1L - Best for athletes 5'7"- 5'10" in height, and between 125lbs to 160lbs in weight
A2 - Best for  athletes 5'8"- 6'1" in height, and between 160lbs to 190lbs in weight
A2H - Best for athletes 5'8" to 6'1" in height and over 190lbs in weight
A2L - Best for  athletes 5'11" -6'2" in height, and between 160lbs to 190lbs in weight
A3 - Best for  athletes 6'1"- 6'4" in height, and between 185lbs to 210lbs in weight
A4 - Best for athletes 6'3"- 6'7" in height and between 200lbs to 240lbs in weight
A5 - Best for athletes over 6" and over 240lbs  in weight

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