Monogram Gi Navy


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We developed the new Monogram Gi to bridge the gap between the past and the future, introducing a kimono that still appears clean and simple at a first glance, but that has some innovative design elements on both the jacket and pants, without any compromise to its functionality. 

Heavy Gi jackets are now behind us. New developments in technology have assured that classic weaves like the popular Pearl Single Weave are very resistant even at lower weight counts. We have therefore chosen a 375gsm pearl weave top that is incredibly able to last long years of training, but that will not hinder any of your mobility. We really love how due to our redeveloped fit the flexibility around the shoulders and armpits, an area that in older GIs was always a sore spot. 

The pants are made a of light yet resistant 10oz rip stop cotton, a must for anyone looking forward to go beyond training and test their skills in the competition arena. In redesigning and improving the pants we modified both the knee and crotch area to achieve two distinct and specific goals. 

The redesigned diamond shape crotch area allows for a less bulky yet incredibly stretchy region which will be appreciated by all advance guard players out there. 

In regards of the knee area, we extended and inclined the stitching to better increase the functionality of the pants when bending the leg. 

Breaking with tradition we added an extra layer of light padding inside the knee area that won’t compromise movement and weight, but that will give a much needed break on sore knees while passing or putting the weight down on the mats….and who are we kidding it also looks quite bad ass - check the photos below if you don’t believe us. 

A few high res logos adorn both the jacket and the pants but we are particularly proud of the In Jiu-Jitsu We Trust logo screen print inside the jacket, because it’s true, life is true on uncertainty and challenges, but we can always trust in Jiu-Jitsu. 

BTW we have also improved on the rope of the GI pants by swithing to a more spongy and elastic rope that not only will stay in place when tied, but it also allowed us to print the classic Newaza script all over it for extra style points. 

Gi comes with a fun fully sublimated and practical GI bag, and meets all IBJJF standards for competition. 

Fits like a modern tapered Gi, although pre-shrunk please allow for 5% of shrinkage.

For Women Sizes please see separate listing. 

We recommend the following sizes based on your height/weight

A0 - Best for athletes under 5'5", and under 130lbs
A1 - Best for  athletes 5'5"-5'9" in height, and between 125lbs to 160lbs in weight
A1H - Best for athletes 5'5" to 5'9" but over 160lbs in weight
A1L - Best for athletes 5'7"- 5'10" in height, and between 125lbs to 160lbs in weight
A2 - Best for  athletes 5'8"- 6'1" in height, and between 160lbs to 190lbs in weight
A2H - Best for athletes 5'8" to 6'1" in height and over 190lbs in weight
A2L - Best for  athletes 5'11" -6'2" in height, and between 160lbs to 190lbs in weight
A3 - Best for  athletes 6'1"- 6'4" in height, and between 185lbs to 210lbs in weight
A4 - Best for athletes 6'3"- 6'7" in height and between 200lbs to 240lbs in weight
A5 - Best for athletes over 6" and over 240lbs  in weight

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